The Salvatore Cosmetics product line is known for the quality and versatility of its products that always bring a simple and effective solution for the professionals. This is the result of a continuous pursuit of our technicians in offering real solutions, always concerned with the health and safety of our clients.

Our mission is to produce and market cosmetics while respecting the highest quality requirements, following legislations, bringing forth great partnerships and the total satisfaction of our consumers.

Our greatest investment is revolved around the development of our products. Our formulas are elaborated by creative and intelligent specialized professionals and this recipe of perfection has come to revolutionize the market. Every day we are committed to creating new cosmetics and this guarantees the innovation and exclusivity of the Salvatore products and technology.

Currently almost all of cosmetics companies in the country outsource their products . Salvatore was contrary to the trend, believing that being one of the best companies in the market, we can’t lose control of our entire production. Analyzing every detail from the active ingredients to the mechanical processes, we guarantee the necessary technology and exclusivity of our formulas.

Salvatore Professionals Cosmetics are imported and distributed in North America by Tratto Beauty Canada.

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